10.08.23 A Projection + Golden Apes, Backstage Club, München

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    • 10.08.23 A Projection + Golden Apes, Backstage Club, München

      "The Stockholm based A PROJECTION started in 2013 with the ambition to be a true post punk band. The main influences were groups like The Cure, Joy Division/New Order, Sisters of Mercy, Interpol, and Editors. Electronic acts like Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, D.A.F., and The Knife were also important Influences.
      Although sometimes spilling over into adjacent genres like indie and goth, the first three albums (Exit, Framework and Section) have been rather firmly rooted in the post punk genre, developing from a rather hard-boiled, minimalistic sound into a more readily accessible one, all within the framework of a strict post-punk aesthetic and attitude.
      The A PROJECTION sound was at the time often described as “a danceable mixture of post punk and electronica, with both depth and edge”
      During Covid, after having changed both a couple of members, with e.g. the former bassist turning into the main vocalist, and record company, from the more indie oriented Tapete Records to the genre-wise more well- suited Metropolis Records, the sound of A PROJECTION shifted towards a more synth based style with a lot of influences from both the 80s, contemporary darkwave and mainstream hit lists.
      Their latest singles Darwin's Eden, No Control and Anywhere have garnered a lot of attention and the expectations are high for the upcoming album, where several external musicians and text writers, notably Sarah Boom from Turquoise, have participated. " ((Quelle: Backstage))

      Backstage Club
      Einlass: 19.00, Beginn: 20.00
      Tickets: ab 28,00 Euro
      "Fuck you! At my own pace." (Nick Cave)