24.10.22 Gaahls Wyrd + Saor + Gaerea, Backstage Halle, München

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    • 24.10.22 Gaahls Wyrd + Saor + Gaerea, Backstage Halle, München

      Das Dark Easter Metal Meeting hatten Gaahls Wyrd leider kurzfristig absagen müssen, jetzt kommt Meister Gaahl mit seiner Band zum Glück auf seiner Tour in München vorbei. Feinster Black Metal und viel mehr vom charismatischen Urgestein der norwegischen Black-Metal-Szene, sicher auch mit Songs seiner früheren Bands Gorgoroth, Trelldom und God Seed.

      Mit im Gepäck haben Gaahls Wyrd Saor aus Schottland und Gaerea aus Portugal.

      Das Backstage kündigt den Abend folgendermaßen an:
      Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannprisen)-winning metal outfit Gaahls WYRD return to the road in the autumn for their first fully fledged European tour since 2019 with special guests SAOR and Gaerea.
      The band has just released their critically acclaimed new mini-album "The Humming Mountain". Spanning five thought-provoking songs over 30-plus minutes, the mini-album continues from but challenges the tenets of the group’s lauded debut full-length, "GastiR - Ghosts Invited". Conceptually, "The Humming Mountain" intrinsically ties into the pre-history of its forebear, where heady, fastidious topics of origin, creation, and consciousness are pondered, explored, and conveyed to a riveting score of reflective, if sometimes vicious metal. "The Humming Mountain" resides between spaces but is wholly its own artistic entity.
      Gaahls WYRD is widely regarded as a powerhouse of live band – engaging, hypnotic and challenging. It’s time to make Europe tremble again.
      Gaahls WYRD is joined by two of the metal undergrounds finest acts, folk infused atmospheric metal stalwarts, SAOR from Scotland and Portuguese black metal quintet, Gaerea."

      Backstage Halle
      Einlass: 19.00, Beginn: 20.00
      Tickets: ab 30,80 Euro
      "Fuck you! At my own pace." (Nick Cave)